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... si era frig ... by AlexandrinaAna ... si era frig ... :iconalexandrinaana:AlexandrinaAna 116 2
like hull
untold, the exits.
we're all incepted
and begging for purpose
in place of directives.
can't wake, the rest is
necessary to unfold.
colder than wrist clasps
kissing at crush depth.
facing the void
to be reft. quaking
in hushed gasps and
quick-snapped molds.
float now, stirred
in spirit. upended raft
the last home,
the next precious breath
in seafoam. lovely dark
glittering, swallowing gold.
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Artist Draws Comics of Friends' Facebook Statuses
~graynate is a US-based artist who illustrates his friend's Facebook statuses. Nate submitted one of his comics to Reddit last night, and it skyrocketed to the front page with over 5,000 upvotes. 
An hour after submitting his comic to Reddit, a user requested that he confirm his identity as being the original artist, and challenged him:
"I want to believe OP. But [your account is] 0 days old. So taking today's popular AMA into consideration...draw Adam Savage laughing at a completely shaven Jamie Hyneman."
Nate accepted the drawing challenge, and posted his illustration to Reddit and
:icondanlev:danlev 35 24

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Art is free.


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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
Nicole Anne Victoria Alngog

Current Residence: Koronadal Proper, South Cotabato, Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Country, Pop, Metal, Rock, Hiphop,Any, depending on my mood
Favourite style of art: Abstract, Photography, Expressionist Paintings, Digital Fine Arts
Favourite cartoon character: Tazmanian Devil
Personal Quote: Look before you Fall
Hello Stranger! Welcome to my Blog and you are now entering the Doodle post. Please Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask out here or on the comment section.

By the way I'm Nicole creator of Victoria Doodle and today I will share my personal experiences with Doodling. Please Enjoy!

Let us define first what the word "doodle" means via Google-ing.

Doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied.

Stereotypical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class.

Effects on Memory by Professor Jackie Andrade

According to a study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can aid a person's memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain's processing power, as well as from not paying attention. Thus, it acts as a mediator between the spectrum of thinking too much or thinking too little and helps focus on the current situation.  

Basics of Doodling:

As for experience I consider doodling as a free art. That it doesn't follow any rules. Free art as Free act on how you stroke your design for it. For me all you need is an inspiration or even if you are particular with what character is own your mind you can easily scribble/doodle it out. Music can be a catalyst when you doodle just like with the following Video clip "Basic Doodling" by Fatimah Somandar, as you heat it, it is accompanied with a song that best suits the doodler's mood. So I hope you enjoy the next few fun facts!  ☺

So to be able to come up with a simple doodle just like on the video you'll be needing the ff:

Basic requirements:

1. Paper/sketchpad
2. Pencil/Pen/Colored Sharpies

Doodling first with the aid of a Pencil shows a wide scope of your design. A light stroke of a pencil showing off your art can be greatly followed by pen for darkening.

Doodling your outlines with a My gel Pen gives a dark shade that suits the layout of any characters/shapes/strokes you prefer to draw. Right after the outlines were done you can erase the pencil marks for clearing out.

Sharpies can aid colorful tricks for a doodle art. It gives a great mark for shading and strokes. Fine art is what sharpies offers.

3. Inspiration/Motivation/Confidence

4. Thoughts and Ideas

5. Heart and Mind

6. add-on:  a song, food, pet

As a Doodler what can I hare about Doodling

I get to know doodling because of the social blog site Tumblr. The bloggers on Tumblr are very humble and with that they share everything they know about life and even their art skills. One day I happened to go over the Dashboard cause I am bored that day nothing to do but to blog my day out. An artwork posted by a blogger caught my eye. It is somewhat like an abstract of swirls with a burger, lollipop,pizza, ink spills and even word arts. With that I've decided to do my own version of it. As of now I remembered that day I did my first one. So be it.

Next thing I thought about was my materials in doing some. So I happen to have a bold pen that time and piece of paper. Without the aid of a pencil I finished an artwork and because of that I challenged myself to do more and to learn more about Doodling and its remarks on the World.

Doodling for me is a Past time giving up Bigtime impact in my life. The good thing about doodling is that you'll never know how it is gonna be like in the end. With all the objects and characters you used. It will end up with a good combination leading to an artwork. Just putting on all the basics bonded with inspiration and confidence you can have a pretty much good looking doodle art of your own.

Everyone can doodle. Everywhere we can doodle. Just grab a pen, paper and just blend yourself to the current situation.



During our School event my Scrapbook looks like this. Anyway THIS IS MY SCRAPBOOK's Cover. Inside this was my Adventure during our Public Health Service. Though you might be asking I'am a Medical Technology Student and I'am a current student of Notre Dame of Marbel University a fourth year graduating student.


Because my younger brother is graduating ending his High school journey I made him a Poster Doodle Art. It was exposed during his graduation party at home and I suddenly get compliments because of it. Some visitors were asking question on how I ended up with that or what's happening in my mind. *If you know what I mean.

3. Display

"As a doodler everything is possible" - Victoria Doodle That's my saying as per experiences as a doodler.For the next artwork I may describe it as a Doodle Display because just unlike the poster sticked itself on the wall this one can be move another place for exposure. I did doodle for my Younger Sister for her HS grad also. With this one I'am inspired with PANDAS so as you observe I did Panda characters. Solely Black and White expect for some.

4. Open minded Doodling for everyone

Because of loving Doodling that much I came searchin' for more inspirations with that you and I can aid ourselves with new techniques for another doodle. Below is my Victoria thingsweforget doodle inspired  It is as you can see filled with things we might not be forgetting in life. Some: Eat Mindfully, Stay Curious, Step out of your shadow, Day dream some and my personal favorite: Keep an open Mind

To keep an open mind as a doodler is very important. We must not be limiting ourselves to what we already know cause the only permanent thing in this world is change. So we might wanna have a new inspiration, new perspectives and even new style for A NEW DOODLE ART.

5. Building up and Sharing Happiness to others

Because my doodles are adding up every other day also new ideas are also coming in I decide to put up a facebook page labeling it as VICTORIA DOODLE coming from my name. This is not an easy decision by the way for the reason that I must set a goal for creating some.

1.Doodles to be created
2.Doodling to be shared
2.Doodling as I loved it that much

Thank you for visiting my profile and I hope it helped you in any way.
Basically it is the thought that counts. Keep on doodling  everyone! - Victoria Doodle
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